The Members of Toast

Steve Gallant

saxophones, flute, vocals

Steve (aka "SG") has the most hair in the band, of which the rest of the group is profoundly jealous. (Not that we're shallow or anything...) SG was a founding member of Bluestone Ivory, and played with that band from its inception to its end. He also performed with Stage Door Johnny and a few other groups around town. SG's the one crowded in the corner and surrounded by brass: a baritone sax, tenor sax, flute, and sometimes even his soprano. He also has a great voice, which the band is trying to persuade him to use more often.

He's also famous as the refinisher of hundreds of well-used bathtubs throughout the nation. (No, we're not kidding -- he'll even work in the middle of a hurricane.)

Rick Hagee

keyboards, vocals

Rick, Sleigh and SG have played together off and on since high school, which was... well, awhile ago. Rick is another founding member of Bluestone Ivory, and was the musical backbone for the group, not only providing the keyboard work but writing many of the horn arrangements as well. He also played in Stage Door Johnny, which at one point or another included everyone in Toast. Rick graduated from Miami University with a degree in Music (it's nice to have someone in the band who actually knows music), and was the Music Director for Moeller High School for several years (ask him about the Great Flood!).

Rick's now the Director of Music Ministeries at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Cincinnati, and in addition to his gigs with Toast, plays numerous weddings, funerals, cocktail gigs, and so on. (No, we're not going to call him a Lounge Lizard...) Hey, if you need some great music for your wedding or if you're interested in Good Shepherd, Rick’s the guy to talk to!  He's got the Steely Dan t-shirt!

Steve Leigh

bass, vocals

Steve (aka "Sleigh") provides the bottom (that's the polite term) of the band, and shares the majority of the lead vocals with Tom Steele -- Steve's the "nasty" voice; Tom's the "good" voice. Steve's another former Bluestone Ivory member, and like SG and Rick, was with BSI from the beginning to the end. He fondly remembers getting his hair burnt off on-stage in North Carolina. After that, he played in Stage Door Johnny, Gallery (that's right, he was the Wedding Singer), and generally gigged around.

He will be taking his bass solo as soon as the drums stop... at which point it will rain. 

Steve also writes science fiction -- CLICK HERE to check out his website -- and has professionally published sixteen novels. He considers this proof that he is seriously demented; so do his friends.

Dale Lewis

electric guitar, vocals

No band is a band without a lead guitar and Dale is the greatest there is. Toast would literally fall apart without him and many women would then begin to weep uncontrollably ...

That's what Dale told us to write. Here's the truth as we know it:

Dale plays lead guitar in the band and does some vocals (we let him do one song). He's been playing guitar since he was 12. That's a long time since he is, well, let's just say, of legal age. He has played in many bands locally and in Oxford, where he went to school. He spent some time playing in the Heywoods. Remember them? "Billy, Don't Be A Hero?" Yeah, he's trying to forget, too. Anyway, when not playing guitar, you may see him cruising down the street, his hair (what's left of it) blowing in the wind, riding his Harley, just being the cool dude he thinks he is.

Tom Steele

acoustic guitar, vocals

Tom (no nickname) Steele has been playing and singing for, well, not quite as long as the other guys!  He is the baby (chronologically speaking only!) of the group.  Tom started out playing James Taylor and Jim Croce type stuff as a solo act then joined the Bluestone Ivory boys (his high school heroes) in "Stagedoor Johnny" in the late eighties.  In between he did "Jingles" (writing, performing on and/or arranging Dreamland Waterbeds, The Future Now Shop, Furniture Fair and hundreds of other obnoxious little tunes).  He also produced two (now rare) albums - backed by most of the group’s members, of course. 

Tom is now a wily old veteran of the real estate business.  In 2000, he was named Cincinnati's REALTOR® of the Year. That’s when he started his own company, Steele REALTORS® (creative, eh?).  His credits also include 2007 President of The Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®.

'Wanna buy/sell a house? Just CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to the Steele Realtors web site...

Tom Vogel

drums, vocals

Tom Vogel is also known as T Bone, Tam Bone, chrome dome, or well, create your own demeaning nickname. He played in the (more famous than Bluestone Ivory) groups Haymarket Riot, Movies, Sands of Tyme, not to mention the all great Tortions & Randells (in the mid 60's!!) He also recently spent a few years in Spice (unfortunately, not the girl-group). Like the rest of us, Tom's been in bands with the various TOAST guys for most of his life -- the poor fella...

He's been playing left handed all these years, but in case you notice that he's not all over those drums and drops a beat now and then, it's because he's trying to play the more natural 'right handed' way now. This sometimes causes him to play the song from end to beginning. Strangely enough, Tom Steele doesn't even notice.

Although TV possesses a lead voice that could put Tom Steele to shame, (in fact, we're certain that Tom S. would be ashamed to have Tom V's voice), he exercises control in not showing it off. Many bands used to ask him to join just for his voice. Really! It was purely coincidence that Tom also owned a PA & truck.

During the day (when his hangover is wearing off) Tom does commercial photography & digital imaging at T. Vogel Studio Productions -- he had to name it something he could remember.) Check out some of that stuff by CLICKING HERE for his web site: